The Leafy Cauldron’s goal is to help you learn to cook intuitively! I refuse to coddle people and I believe that anyone can cook delicious food, even if they think that they can’t.

A little sweet treat from the garden, owing to our late summer weather. Are you all set for full-on autumn weather or are you dreaming of warmer times?

A fun, hearty twist on the traditional sweet and sour meatball! I’ve taken a family tradition and made it my own! These Sweet and Sour Beetballs are so satisfying, you’ll wonder why you don’t eat them everyday! Perfect for family gatherings, potlucks or even sandwiches, this is going to be your next hit dish! 

Are there any traditional dishes you’re struggling to adapt? I’d be more than happy to try for you; just let us know on Facebook!

Baking the holiday herbs right into the bread you’re using for the stuffing really amps up the flavours! Try my Holiday Cornbread Stuffing for something easy, completely homemade and amazingly satisfying! Tell me, how do you like to make your stuffing (dressing)?

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We don’t eat many sandwiches here, so when we do, they’ve got to be AMAZING! This sandwich has all kinds of textures and flavours and they play so nicely together. Take a break from all my holiday business and sit down and enjoy this easy, but totally satisfying, Smoked Tofu, Lettuce and Tomato Sandwich!

I’m so thrilled to finally have the chance to present you with an authentic Canadian holiday treat! My Classic Canadian Butter Tarts are silky smooth and simple to prepare, so this is one you should definitely try!

Our holiday food extravaganza continues with this Monday Vegetable Spotlight on how to learn to love this unfairly maligned vegetable and get the loveliest roasted Brussels sprouts!

My pride and joy! Try out this simple Classic Pumpkin Pie recipe and make your whole home smell like the best parts of the best season!

One of the easiest full meals I have ever put together! Maybe you’re searching for a nice, bright, easy-peasy meal with plenty of fresh vegetables? If you are, this Quick Yellow Thai Vegetable Curry is for you!

We’re coming up to Canadian Thanksgiving, so let’s amp up the autumn flavours! Try my buttery Apple Tarts for your next homemade pastry or hold on a few days for my simple pumpkin pie filling! If pastry’s not your thing - maybe my incredible savoury Thanksgiving spread will be the thing you’re hoping to find!