The Leafy Cauldron’s goal is to help you learn to cook intuitively! I refuse to coddle people and I believe that anyone can cook delicious food, even if they think that they can’t.

OH, GOODNESS! Do we ever have something exciting for you to cap off your weekend!The Leafy Cauldron Build-Your-Own-Taco Party is back and we’re better than ever with our autumn edition! Expect to find warm, spicy flavours co-mingling with mushrooms, black beans, eggplant and sweet potatoes, alongside bright, fresh vegetables- including a fast and easy no-sodium taco seasoning - and all ready to inspire you for your next casual and fun dinner party (or maybe just because you REALLY LOVE TACOS! Check it out!

In case it’s not clear, we LOVE ratatouille here at The Leafy Cauldron and we want you to learn to love it, too. This classic dish is even better when it’s roasted - and just look at those amazing colours! Roasted Ratatouille is a sure-fire winner.

Elegant and super easy, these Chocolate and Red Wine Stuffed Raspberries might just be the dessert for you.

The weather’s a little warm here today, but that doesn’t mean my attention has been shifted from the delicious and warm flavours of autumn! September means it’s almost Thanksgiving in Canada and that means it’s time for crunchy leaves, the colour orange and the last of the fall harvest! Oh, and PASTRY! I did this lovely blueberry pie last weekend and it was a cinch to put together. Come and like The Leafy Cauldron on Facebook and tell us: what kinds of pastry are you interested in learning how to make?

Hey, hey! We’re in nearly full-swing again here at The Leafy Cauldron. For something a little different, why not try crispy polenta fries? Bigger on possible flavour combinations than ordinary fries, you can add anything you like to these - I did Sundried Tomato and Black Olive Polenta Fries!

Anonymous said:
Just wanted to say love your blog it makes me just want to cook and eat all day :) :) :)

Awww, this is the best thing I’ve ever heard! <3 Cook! Eat!

Creamy, warm and so familiar, this perfect comfort soup comes together in only about a half an hour! Anyone can make this Fresh Creamy Tomato Soup that’s so much better than anything you can find in a can or restaurant!

The kitchen’s not quite unpacked, but we did move into our new (temporary) home to find this amazing bounty growing the backyard! Look forward to some new, comforting, fall-inspired recipes coming later this week, folks!

The ideal end-of-summer vegetable dinner with Ratatouille with Garlic Chive Mashed Sweet Potatoes  + my reflections on leaving a city I love and the relationships I’ve formed with the people who’ve grown my food.

Peaches! Something simple and classic, this Peach Cobbler should get you through to the weekend.