The Leafy Cauldron’s goal is to help you learn to cook intuitively! I refuse to coddle people and I believe that anyone can cook delicious food, even if they think that they can’t.

Quick, easy, filling and hearty: This Spicy Lentil Soup for Two comes together in about a half an hour!

A delicate, moist banana cupcake topped with a warm and silky cinnamon chocolate frosting; a lovely summer dessert. You can find the recipe right here!

The deep, savoury and complex flavours of this dish are complemented by the brightness of lemon. All together they make this vegan version of the classic Spanish Paella stand out.

Monday rolls around so quickly! Let’s talk about the adorable patty pan squash!

A classic summer dessert; with a few minor tweaks. Bursting with fresh sour cherries, Homemade Cherry Pie happens to be an ultimate favourite of mine. Also included, tips for making better gluten-free pastry.

Later today, some tips for gluten-free pastry making and my very first from-scratch cherry pie! 

Spicy and satisfying; I am now one step closer to that Foremost Vegan Sausage Maker title I’ve been chasing after. My Spanish Chorizo Sausages are the next step in my assertion of world dominance (but also I want to make paella).


Aren’t pattypan squash the cutest vegetable ever?

Learning how to cook tofu is one of the most rewarding things you can do in the kitchen. This Scallion and Sesame Marinated Tofu is a really easy place to start!